To Hijab, or not Hijab: That is the Question.

Alright let’s talk about it. The topic plaguing the Muslim community. The talk of the town for weeks. The thing that’s got everyone so rallied up… If, by the off chance you don’t know what I’m referring to, let me clue you in.

Recently, there has been a debate, I guess? going around in the Muslim community about “social media influencers” and how many are starting to take off the hijab. It’s got many people asking: Is taking off the hijab become the norm?

I’m here to give me honest opinion on all this. So firstly, I don’t think this is something recent. Many influencers have been taking the hijab off for years. I think the reason people are noticing now is because a particular well known YouTuber has taken it off.

Why is it happening? I’ll give you my real deal honest opinion. Now you can disagree, but the reason I think many are taking it off is due to the influence of being in the media, more specifically the fashion industry. I’m not saying this is the sole reason people are choosing not to wear the hijab, but I think it plays a big role. Let me explain. Okay, so, I believe tons of the women who are in modest fashion, become limited because of they are in, just that, modest fashion. (Not to say that you can’t be modest without the hijab). So they can get easily influenced to break out of the category of modest fashion. Because the thing about fashion is it’s constantly changing. One moment, this modest fashion piece is in, the other it’s out. So working in this changing industry,  can influence lots of people to change with it. The reason I bring up fashion is because it’s where I see the “trend” of ladies taking off the hijab.

I’m a firm believer of the things around you influencing you. You’ll soak up everything you are around, and over time it affects you. So being in fashion, it can be very hard to stick to hijab-friendly outfits when it’s not what is “in”.

Okay, now lets get down to the nitty gritty


I see people going overboard on both sides of the spectrum:

  1. I keep coming across comments about the hijab not being an important part of Islam. While hijab is not the most important part and of course, does not determine whether or not you are a “good” Muslim, I’m not here for people diminishing it’s value to defend someone’s choice to take it off.
  2.  People saying that someone who doesn’t wear a full hijab shouldn’t wear it at all Basically if you aren’t perfect, why try. People just sending hate and not dawah. Saying someone is a terrible person for not wearing the hijab.

sam wier

Another side note that I wanted to mention is when people say that these influencers are leading the youth astray, to that I say: DO NOT LOOK TO INSTAGRAM BLOGGERS AS RELIGIOUS FIGURES!!!! That’s why parents are responsible for teaching their children how they want to raise them. Kids shouldn’t be sheltered, they will encounter people from all walks of life, people like them, and people not like them, and that shouldn’t shake the foundation of their own life. You can’t control the actions of others, only yourself. Come on people. Get it together.

The hijab is an important part of the Islamic faith, and important not in just a physical form, but a spiritual one as well, for women and men. I have noticed that it isn’t said enough to men, even though they have to be modest as well, in their actions and clothes.

If you read this far you might as well watch this video. It’s really short and might give you a little perspective:

So let me know, do you agree? What’s your opinion? Do you think that there isn’t a reason and that this is all coincidental? Let me know in the comments!!

That’s all for now! See ya soon!  Salam 🙂